I was in heaven

I have just completed 4 sessions of Facial Reflexology with Fran and it was amazing! I’m not normally one for facials and I wasn’t really sure how reflexology would be on your face having had it on my feet! However, Fran explained all and I was in heaven after about 2 minutes and in a sort of trance like sleep within about 5! It was the most relaxing, heavenly treatment I have ever had. Fran used just the right amount of pressure and I felt like my whole face was being rejuvenated. Having fallen into a lovely dreamlike state when the treatment finished I was surprised how alive and awake I was after (I can assure you I am terrible in the mornings!) My skin felt so smooth and soft and the smell of the oil she used was lovely. During the first week after the treatment my skin remained beautifully soft and silky and I noticed how the lines beginning to appear on my forehead were most definitely reduced as were the bags under my eyes. My skin looked totally alive, even my colour was better. This continued through all 4 sessions each time totally relaxing me and I would say destressing me too. I would absolutely recommend this treatment both for stress relief, relaxation and particularly if you need to combat something in particular – mine was sleeping badly. Since these sessions I have come off of my sleeping tablets and am able to have a full nights sleep, which I haven’t done for a long time. Love this treatment, and was so nice just to lay there and feel utterly pampered. I genuinely believe that it has reduced the lines on my face and my skin has never looked so healthy and clear. Recommend ABSOLUTELY!

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