I’m back!

“I’m back”, after a month’s break I feel energised, invigorated and can honestly say excited about getting back to work, doing what I love, helping you to feel and look great.

So what have I been up to?

I’ve taken time out, something that I’m constantly telling my clients to do. After all you can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve had some time away with my family, a real chance to reconnect at a deeper level, away from the usual day to day routine.

I’ve been on a Thailand adventure, travelling and visiting more temples that I can name. I’ve learnt some Thai cookery, which I am eager to try out on our friends. I’ve indulged in numerous massage and reflexology treatments and I’ve been on a yoga retreat. Along the way I’ve learnt a little more about myself, what makes me tick and my heart sing. My cup is now well and truly full.

So what have I discovered from my extensive treatments? As one friend pointed out on my numerous Instagram posts, she’d not known anyone have so many treatments whilst on holiday.

Firstly, I’ve realized that I haven’t been finding the time to fit treatments in for myself. It reminded me just how good I feel afterwards, body, mind and spirit. Secondly and more importantly I’ve realised that an hour is just not long enough to unwind whether that be massage, reflexology or a facial.

The treatments that I benefitted from most were two hours or more. They were deeply restorative and energised and afterwards I felt a real sense of serenity and calm.

So as a result of my research I will be offering more packages. Which I am kicking off right here with a combined two hour treatment of massage and a holistic facial for £100.

For my regular clients you’ll also notice a few additions to my existing treatments, things that I have picked up whilst being in Thailand but I’m not going to spoil the surprise here. You’ll have to wait and see for yourself!

I look forward to welcoming you to Hill House Therapies very soon.