Best hot stone massage

Just had the best hot stone massage EVER! Thank you, highly recommended!

R. Stratton (Feb 2016)

My skin is still glowing!

I received a gift voucher for facial reflexology with Francesca and it was truly an extra-special treat. The relaxing massage techniques combined with the cool and heavenly scented oils just melted away all my tension and stress and I could feel myself drifting off into some celestial dimension, blissfully relaxed and free of all worries. I literally floated around Sainsbury’s afterwards, and two days later my skin is still glowing! Francesca was very calm and professional and made me feel at ease as soon as I entered the lovely therapy room. I would most definitely come back for more!

S. Cowan (Feb 2016)

The best and most enjoyable yoga classes

Thank you for another great hour on the mat with the ‘well deserved’  relaxation at the end of the session.

I was at first apprehensive about practicing yoga via zoom, but you have shown that with the right person guiding you it is nothing to be concerned about. Your sessions are professional, encouraging, varied and sometimes challenging but you always provide us with options for the way we are feeling, and advising us to adjust our positioning when necessary.

Out of all my online classes be it yoga, pilates or personal training my yoga sessions with Fran have been by far the best and most enjoyable.

Once I feel comfortable about returning to the studio I also plan to continue with an additional session online.

Thank you again. Px

P. Cunningham (Aug 2020)

Zoom Yoga with Fran

My zoom yoga with Fran is the time when everything come to a halt and I just relax and clear my mind. It has especially helped through lockdown.

P. Roll (May 2020)

The subtle art of relaxation

Francesca truly is a wonder when it comes to the subtle art of relaxation. Being a trained therapist myself makes it hard for me to let go and just enjoy a treatment because I tend to be analyzing whats happening and how the therapist is working instead of simply being in the moment. However, Francesca’s facial reflexology really hits the spot – just the right balance of relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you and can’t wait for my hot stone massage. 
M. Eshkeri (April 2016)

I was in heaven

I have just completed 4 sessions of Facial Reflexology with Fran and it was amazing! I’m not normally one for facials and I wasn’t really sure how reflexology would be on your face having had it on my feet! However, Fran explained all and I was in heaven after about 2 minutes and in a sort of trance like sleep within about 5! It was the most relaxing, heavenly treatment I have ever had. Fran used just the right amount of pressure and I felt like my whole face was being rejuvenated. Having fallen into a lovely dreamlike state when the treatment finished I was surprised how alive and awake I was after (I can assure you I am terrible in the mornings!) My skin felt so smooth and soft and the smell of the oil she used was lovely. During the first week after the treatment my skin remained beautifully soft and silky and I noticed how the lines beginning to appear on my forehead were most definitely reduced as were the bags under my eyes. My skin looked totally alive, even my colour was better. This continued through all 4 sessions each time totally relaxing me and I would say destressing me too. I would absolutely recommend this treatment both for stress relief, relaxation and particularly if you need to combat something in particular – mine was sleeping badly. Since these sessions I have come off of my sleeping tablets and am able to have a full nights sleep, which I haven’t done for a long time. Love this treatment, and was so nice just to lay there and feel utterly pampered. I genuinely believe that it has reduced the lines on my face and my skin has never looked so healthy and clear. Recommend ABSOLUTELY!

N. Mitchell (May 2015)

Completely relaxed

I can’t recommend Hill House Therapies enough! Working as a personal trainer I find that my body is always aching. After going to Francesca straight after attending a fitness weekend, I felt completely relaxed and ready for work. She offers amazing treatments in a lovely and comfortable room where you can feel completely relaxed and enjoy your massage. 
Will definitely be back. Thanks! 
H. Aldridge (April 2016)

Fabulous Zoom Yoga Class

Thank you for another fabulous zoom yoga class. Wednesday morning yoga has become the highlight of my week. As someone who has only recently rediscovered yoga I find your class particularly helpful.. The pace is spot on, your instructions are clear and easy to follow (essential for an online class!) and your teaching style is informative, inclusive and encouraging.

J. Brooks-Belcher (May 2020)

Online Yoga Classes

I have been going to Francesca for Yoga for a few years now so when lockdown began it would have been a huge part of my exercise, relaxation and mindfulness that I was missing. Having online classes has been amazing. I have actually been doing more. Missing the personal touches and hands on that you can only get at the actual classes but having the weekly online classes, expertly run with the same emphasis on working with your own body had been much needed and very successful. Even with the chronic problems I have, I really look forward to this each week.

L. Tuck (May 2020)

A fantastic teacher

Yoga at Hill House is a fantastic experience! Classes are held in the garden in a gorgeous wooden studio. It’s warm in the winter and we have the doors open out into the garden in the summer. Francesca is a fantastic teacher. You don’t have to be an expert at yoga as Fran caters for all levels. She encourages you to try all the poses and is there to help with advise on how to achieve the best result for you individually. It is a lovely rewarding but relaxing experience. The guided meditation at the end is wonderful. You also get little treats at the end like healthy power balls. The classes are small so you feel like you are getting a bespoke yoga experience. She also supplies yoga mats and bolsters and everything you need for your class. I look forward to my yoga class every week and can recommend Hill House very highly.

G. Warne (May 2018)

The most amazing teacher

I never have been a fan of exercise. Whatever I have tried I either get bored or feel embarrassed because I can’t keep up or don’t look the part. Well that was me until I found yoga, not just any yoga, Francesca’s Hill House yogaSuch a beautiful calm tranquil setting and the most amazing teacher, patient, easy to follow and totally relaxing. I am so blessed to have found this delightful sense of peace and harmony. So if your reading this and feeling like I did, please book yourself into Hill House yoga and you’ll never have those feelings again! 
A. Green (Jun 2018)

Zoom Yoga Classes with Fran

Having my online yoga to look forward to every week has been like a life line for me in these hard times. The zoom classes with Fran are always varied and well explained, moves and postures catered to everyone’s abilities. Thank you Fran!

S. Theobald (May 2020)

Wonderful yoga class

Thank you so much for wonderful yoga class on Thursday. I’ve done various yoga classes over the years but it’s never really clicked before I came to you. Such a patient teacher and I always leave feeling like I’m on cloud 9!

R. Stratton (Apr 2018)

Keen to learn yoga

I have known Francesca for a while now and have had the most amazing facials and massages from her. I was delighted to hear that she had qualified as a yoga instructor, as I have a great phobia of exercise classes but have always been keen to learn yoga. I can honestly say that the whole experience has been very enlightening. Francesca is a calming teacher, she has the fantastic ability of putting you at ease and gently guides you into positions. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of my lessons and look forward to going every week, this truly has been a first for me. I would highly recommend Francesca’s yoga classes and have already booked on to her next course! Thank you Francesca for enabling me to finally find an exercise I enjoy.

A. Green (July 2017)

Blown away

Well well well! Francesca Turner you are a superstar. Your facial reflexology treatment has blown me away. My pineal gland is still dancing around. Thumb up. Amazing. Thank you! 
B. Mastropirro (June 2016)

Energised and refreshed

I had the most amazing reflexology treatment on my feet yesterday courtesy of Francesca Turner at Hill House Therapies. I floated around all day feeling fantastic then had possibly the best sleep of my life. Today I have woken up feeling energised and refreshed ready to teach Zumba tonight! If you haven’t had it yet you need to give it a go! 
A. Rozentals (April 2016)

Embodies the spirit of yoga

I love my yoga classes with Fran, she embodies the spirit of yoga, she is kind, compassionate, gentle whilst at the same time guiding me to be at peace with my body and relax and strengthen at the same time. The added benefit is the class is small so I always know she is watching me and ready to help when I need it, which reassures me as I have some back and knee problems. The guided mindfulness practice at the end, provides the most glorious sense of peace and well being. I cant recommend Fran highly enough and am looking forward to developing my yoga practice in the coming months, thank you!

H. Golstein (May 2018)

Online Yoga Experience

Fran has been running online yoga classes since lockdown. She is still as professional and committed to our yoga experience as if we were in the studio with her. Her classes are aimed at all levels of experience and she gives alternatives so that everyone can do something. In the uncertainly to lockdown Fran has been a calming and relaxing influence.

G. Warne (May 2020)

Yoga Nidra Online Class

I have been a client of Fran’s for over a year now and before lockdown wold attend her in-person classes in her studio, now thank goodness for the online yoga classes via zoom. I can highly recommend Fran. She is clear and precise which is important for an online class and often adding a tip which helps with the poste and to adjust yourself correctly. I have also joined a Yoga Nidra class which has been held every other week, which is very relaxing. The classes have really helped me to stay positive and uplifted in a very unsettling time. I usually do three classes per week and each time there is something new to learn. Thank you Fran and I look forward to my next class!

L. Cousins (May 2020)

Wonderful way to unwind

I had a taster Facial Reflexology session with Francesca. After 30 minutes I walked away relaxed, with a taste of wanting more!
I would definitely go back for the full hour. A simply wonderful way to unwind.

L. Milligan (Jan 2016)

Much more than I had expected

I’ve just experienced my first ever Facial Reflexology treatment from Francesca and it was amazing! I was interested in the treatment to help with recurring sinus problems, but the treatment was much more than I had expected. Francesca has a beautiful and relaxing therapy room, she has a lovely calm nature, and the treatment itself was just wonderful. As someone who finds it hard to switch off, I would definitely recommend Francesca as a therapist, you won’t be disappointed. 
R. Randall (July 2016)

Really relaxing

I have had a course of facial reflexology and it was amazing – really relaxing. Francesca is very professional and explains all what she has found about your body. I find reflexology fascinating.

T. Scales (Mar 2016)

Professional and caring

I have had a few treatments with Francesca and can highly recommend Hill House Therapies. Francesca is very professional and caring and makes you feel very comfortable. The hot stone massage was amazing and really helped with my back problem and I loved the relaxing facial reflexology.

A. Anastasiou (Jan 2016)

Enjoyed every moment

Thank you so much for my treatment it was extremely relaxing and I enjoyed every moment of it ☺ 

L. Jiggins (Jan 2016)

A new back

Just had an amazing massage from Francesca. I feel like I have a new back. And being under the hospital and an osteopath. Francesca gets the job now.

L. Williams (Aug 2015)